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Snakeword puzzles do not play like other puzzles.

They are similar to crosswords in that you have clues to answer but differ in how the words are entered onto the grid.

Every time you use a vowel (A,E,I,O,U) you must change direction by 90°. Words can go up, down, left or right but never diagonally.

Each word has to reach from one numbered square to the next.

The example to the right shows the tutorial puzzle of animals names to help you get started with Snakeword.

Ok, so it’s not The Times or the New York Times cryptic crossword but this is just to get you started and to show you how it works.

You may have worked out that the answer to question 1 is indeed “polar bear”. In Snakeword puzzles an answer can be made up of more than one word as in this case. When this happens the words are joined together to form one e.g. (Polarbear).

Here are the clues....

Printed Puzzle Guide

On the left is the solved puzzle with the paths shown.

It is clear to see how the last letter of each word forms the first letter of the next word.

The last word reaches the star square!!

The tutorial puzzle only has 10 short words. Also none of the words crossed. Words can cross where the share a common letter. Sometimes multiple letters can be shared and then the words turn in different directions at a vowel.

Most Snakeword puzzles will have approximately 75% of the grid covered and the words will cross over.

Think you’re up to it?  Time to get Snakewording...

Let me at them!

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Printed Puzzles