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Snakeword was an idea that came about whilst stuck in traffic....

It has taken over two years to bring it from an idea to releasing the app and creating printed media.

The original idea and prototypes were developed by John Mansfield and the mobile app was developed by Eigo App Studio.

The iOS app version of Snakeword is presently optimised for iPhone 5 however Snakeword works well on previous models and iPhone 6.

The game play guide shows you how to enter words on the app. Once you have your answer, it is merely a case of swiping the screen in the direction you want the word to go in.

In the event that you will either hit the edge of the grid, crash into another word or not reach the target square, the devic will vibrate to let you know that what you are attempting is not possible. Whilst it is possible to play Snakeword on an iPad or iPod touch, these devices do not have a vibrate feature making the gameplay in its present release less intuitive.

It is planned to release a bespoke iPad version in the future designed for the larger screen resolution and with visual indication in place of the vibration feature.

Snakeword is very intuitive, try it for yourself.

Game Play Guide

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Gameplay Guide